About me

My name is Roland Smeets, owner of Booker R; a very complete Booking Agency.

Why another Booking Agency? As a musician, I kept bumping into matters that should be organized in a better way and differently.
For instance Booking Agencies who are not there at moments when a band needs them most, but who do walk away with a pocket full of money.

Why would I do instead? Booker R is a Booking Agency that will only occupy itself with the booking of and guiding of bands and outsources further administrative processing.
Besides this task it is also possible to guide and assist organizations in their development of their events or festival. Think for instance of providing an Artist Program, a complete scenario, sponsorship packages and/or the required (convenient) contacts/companies for the organization of the relevant event.

Who will take care of all administration matters? I work together with Backoffice for Bands. This organization takes care of all administrative actions including the preparation of contracts and providing Channel lists and Stage plans.
So I make the appointment, note down all the needed data and pass this on to Backoffice for Bands. They will then compose the rest which I will check with uppermost care.

What else can Booker R offer you? The booking of artists in the broadest sense. Note: If I don’t have the desired artist in my file, then I will book this artist through one of my fellow booking agencies for the standard rate, so no extra charges.

I also have a large network of musicians who are often asked for replacement within bands or in the world of wind music. One phone call to me and I will present you with every musician that your request demands; from an amateur to a very professional musician in every price range and every region.